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Medstar Ambulance of Mendocino County Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit community service dba Ukiah Ambulance

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Membership Program

Ground ambulance treatment and transport can be expensive. Our membership program helps offset the unexpected costs of a medical emergency. Active members do not incur out-of-pocket expense for transport by Medstar from the scene of an emergency, regardless of insurance coverage. Nor do active members incur out-of-pocket expense for treatment and release at the scene by Medstar up to twice in a membership year.

A Medstar Membership can provide you with peace of mind, and it can make a real difference to your community. Our modest membership fees help us continue providing vital services to you, your loved ones, friends and neighbors.

Membership Levels, Definitions & Criteria

Yearly memberships are available for households and groups. Household membership covers the primary member and other full-time residents of the same physical household for just $75 per year. Group membership covers affiliated members of the sponsoring business or organization and makes for a great employer-provided benefit.

Membership applications are accepted year-round and no processing fee is required. It's important to note that memberships are non-transferable and only cover treatment and/or transport within Medstar's Service Area. See important notices in our Membership Terms and Conditions prior to purchase. For questions, call (707) 462-3808 or e-mail

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: As a member, what should I expect if I'm transported by Medstar for an emergency?

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A: First and foremost, you should expect professional and compassionate care from our wonderful EMTs and paramedics. Keep in mind that their first priority to you is your health and safety. While the ambulance crew will ask for a signature acknowledging receipt of our Notice of Privacy Practices and authorizing us to bill for our services, billing, membership services and other administrative processes are handled by our business office.

Typically when Medstar transports you for an emergency, an invoice is sent to your insurance carrier. Any balance not paid by Medicare or other private or supplemental insurance (such as a deductible that hasn't been met) is then billed directly to you. With an active membership, any outstanding balance for emergency transport is waived and you should not receive a bill.

We should note that it is possible that you could receive a bill for services covered under your membership because the reconciliation process between our member database and our billing process is manual. If this happens to you, not to worry. Simply reach out to us by calling (707) 462-3808 Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. We'll verify your membership and make any necessary adjustments.

Q: What is Medstar's Service Area?

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A: Medstar's Service Area includes the cities of Ukiah and Willits, towns of Brooktrails, Calpella, Hopland, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, Talmage and other unincorporated areas along the US 101 corridor in south-inland Mendocino County. See this map for a visualization of our service area.

Medstar may be dispatched out of our Service Area to emergency calls in other locations within Mendocino County. This often occurs because the primary ambulance provider for that area has requested an advanced level of care, or because the primary provider is unavailable. Such locations will be considered part of Medstar's Service Area exclusively for the emergency call to which Medstar is dispatched.

Q: Is anything NOT covered by the Medstar Membership Program?

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A: Unfortunately, yes. For a variety of reasons, the following are NOT covered by our membership program:

• Out-of-county ambulance transports;
• Inter-facility (e.g. hospital to hospital) ambulance transports and return trips (e.g. hospital to home or skilled nursing facility);
• Elective ambulance transports (e.g. doctor or dialysis appointments), though rates may be negotiated;
• Transports by wheelchair van;
• Services provided by other ambulance companies.

To this last point, it is important to understand that Medstar does not control how emergency ambulances are dispatched. Even if you're a member, and even if you are able to request Medstar, another ambulance provider may be sent to your aid depending on availability and proximity to your emergency.

Q: Why am I not eligible to be a member if I have Medi-Cal/Medicaid coverage?

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A: Medi-Cal/Medicaid beneficiaries (e.g. those covered by Partnership HealthPlan of Northern California) are not eligible for membership because Medstar accepts Medi-Cal/Medicaid as full payment for services rendered.

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